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  What's New In The Year 2005?
Saturday, September 17, 2005 by Slot Zero

  • You can now type autostats to toggle automatically dumping the output of the efficiency command every time the level changes.  As with efficiency, the autostats idea is from CRMod++.
  • The spawn shield now protects you from gravity well.  Thanks to Sprax for the suggestion.
  • I updated the servers page to include the amount of time each player has been connected and an image of the map when you click on or put your mouse over the links for 'Players:' and 'Level:'.  I also added server stats for Rune Quake 3 servers.
  • "If you are on fire with the requiem rune and try to pick up armor you don't stop burning."  This has been fixed.  Thanks to Diazoild for the bug report.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005 by Slot Zero

  • Diazoild experienced a problem when using the ProQuake precompiled Linux binary.  It was a very simple fix, but it was important enough to merit a new release.  If you've already downloaded version 1.1, simply download it again using the same links and it will point to the new version, 1.1a.  Thanks to Diazoild for helping me track down this problem.

Monday, July 25, 2005 by Slot Zero

  • Rune Quake Version 1.1 has been released!  To see the list of changes, click here or to download the source code, click here.

Saturday, April 16, 2005 by Slot Zero

  • In team mode, the match ends when the total frags of a team reaches the fraglimit.
  • Environmental rune/suit protects against divine wind death explosion and spiky death cloud chaff.
  • Using messagemode2 (MM2) as an observer prints your message only to other observers.  An observer only message is surrounded by brackets [].
  • The server console can now display pings.
  • More Rocket Arena tweaks.

Saturday, January 22, 2005 by Slot Zero

  • You can now damage buttons to activate them.  Feature request from z0r.
  • Be sure to check out Dead Zone's Games section for those times when you need a break from Quake.  PainKiller has spent over a year putting his list of games together and I have to admit, they're really fun.   You might even get lucky and remove some of my high scores.  :P  You need to register to play.
  • Several Rocket Arena mode tweaks and bug fixes.  See the RA thread on the forum for more details.
  • I put up a Rune Quakeworld Rocket Arena server to help test the new mode.  It's a temporary server and I might move it around a bit.  Check the servers page for address.
  • Thanks to DiskMan for submitting Alpha EV56 RPMs for qsmack 3.0 and frikqcc 2.5.  I've uploaded them to the FTP.

Monday, January 10, 2005 by Slot Zero

  • I'm now beta testing the rocket arena mode.  Simply type vote-arena to change the server into arena mode or if would rather play with the arena maps, connect to the custom maps server.  To download the maps, go to,

    Extract them to quake/id1/maps and then connect to,

    For more information, check out the forums.  Many thanks to Bam, Zop, Crazicracker, We1rdQ, Ethics, and +speed helping test my most recent changes.

Saturday, January 01, 2005 by Slot Zero

Happy New Year Everyone!

  • I alpha tested a new rocket arena mode today and will keep you posted as to when it becomes a vote option.  Many thanks Bam, Zor, PenDragon, and Ethics for participating in the test.
  • For those of you with low bandwidth connections (56k'ers), there's a new command that might help with the lock-ups during high traffic times.  The command is called lag.  Type this command in the console and gibs, hook links, and bubbles (except weirdness) won't be sent to you.
  • Added a new vote command, vote-hook-damage.  When hook damage is off, the hook bounces off players instead of grappling them with damage.
  • Casting a vote eliminates the redundant request messages to you.   Any votes that are carried over from the previous vote is only displayed once.


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