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Rune Quake is a QuakeC modification for Quake and Quakeworld.  For Quake 3 Arena, click here.  The simplest description of how the game works is that you pick up a rune, these are the pinkish-purple things at the end of each episode, and you gain a special ability; however; Rune Quake is much more than that!  Here are some of the features that make Rune Quake far surpass any other QuakeC modification:

Observer Mode - When you enter the game for the first time, you start as an observer.  You can walk around the level, even pass through walls, without being detected by the players of the game.

Rider Mode - If you thought Observer Mode was cool, you can find yourself in front of the barrel of someone else's gun by entering Rider Mode.  See the shame without feeling the pain!

Alternate Weapons - In addition to the standard weapons, you have an almost equal complement of alternate weapons.  One of my favorites is the bomb, which adheres to walls and even players, then explodes shortly after. For a complete list, see the Playing guide.

Weapons Stay Mode - The race to get to the best weapon on the level first is over!  Now when you pick up a weapon, instead of disappearing, it stays around for all players without one.  If you wait around long enough, the weapon will recharge and even those with the weapon can get ammo from it.

Spawn Shields - Campers Beware!  Instead of dying needlessly by crossfire or by some idiot shooting rockets at a spawn spot, you respawn invincible!  You have a short amount of time to wander the level picking up weapons and runes without fear of being killed.  Watch out for ice spots!

Spawn Protection - You no longer have to live in fear thinking that someone will respawn on top of you while you walk over a spawn spot.  Respawned players are forwarded to the next available spot, and even other items, if all spots occupied.

Team Mode - That's right, Rune Quake is clan compatible!  The server can be voted into team mode and automatically assigns incoming players to the team with the least amount of players or if configured, you can choose sides.  See the playing Guide for instructions on how to vote.

Grappling Hook - Are you a hook-a-holic?  Maybe you only like the hook from time to time?  Whatever the case, Rune Quake sends you to new heights with its vote-hook option!  Depending on how the server is configured, the hook can be a rune, always on, and there's even a mode that lets you pick up a little tiny spike (a Vore ball) from the once popular Lithium mod (called Lithium Hook in Rune Quake).  Server Ops check out the Configuring guide for more information on how to configure the hook on your server.

Switch Firing - No two players play alike.  Sometimes you need to have the right weapon for the job, and more importantly, you need to access that weapon quickly.  The inefficiency of user binds are no longer a factor!  Switch Firing allows you to quickly access a weapon and return you to your previous weapon.  See the Playing guide for more info.

Level Voting - Your hours of waiting for your favorite level is over!  Rune Quake won't play the same level twice until all the levels in its class are played!  The server's level rotation can be configured to be selected by level size with the number of players, randomly, and even in a linear fashion (e1m1, e1m2, etc.).  Server Ops check out the Configuring guide for more information on how to configure the level rotation on your server.

UPDATE:  You can now vote for a specific map by typing its name in the console.  For example, for the start map, type "start" in the console to vote. 

Custom Map Support - You can add up to 200 custom maps by editing one file!  It's never been easier to add custom maps.  Best of all, the custom maps are added to the map rotation just the same as the standard maps.  Just like the standard maps, maps aren't played twice until all of them in its class are played.

Admin Mode - Pesky and annoying players are a thing of the past!  Well, not really, but Rune Quake Server Ops have a large variety of commands to choose from that help control and contain a server.  See the file settings.qc in the source distribution for information on how to configure your server to offer admin access.

QSmack Support - The Quake engine doesn't offer much in terms of ridding unwanted players, so a group of geeks created a program that connects to your Quake server and allows other geeks, this means you, greater control over the retards who continuously disrupt the natural flow of the game.  For more information about QSmack, see the Configuring guide, the file settings.qc which is located in the source distribution, and the QSmack web site.

Complete Configuration - There are so many configuration options in Rune Quake that no matter how many servers you connect to, you're likely to find two servers configured alike!  See the Configuring guide and the file settings.qc which is located in the source distribution.

QuakeC Optimizations - There are dozens upon dozens of quirks and bug fixes that have been addressed in Rune Quake.  Everything from movement issues, sound issues, model issues, and even level issues have been addressed.

And much, much, more!

Rune Quake is by far the most stable mod you will ever encounter that offers such a variety of features.  Even active servers will continue to run for months on end without crashing.

Why aren't you playing?  Go give it a try!

Rune Quake supports the ProQuake Engine!

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